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Sunnydale Tales OOC

Where The People Of Sunnydale Tales Come And Gathe
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1. Contact wesley_pryce wesley_pryce (AIM: Pryce Wesley/Email: wesley dot pryce at gmail dot com/MSN Messenger: wesley_pryce_ Yahoo Messenger: Mr_Wesley_Wyndam_Pryce) if you need help.

2. Please be creative enough to think of something to post with your character regularly. Solicitation for ideas in the out of character community is okay.

3. NC-17 material can happen, although we aren't centered around that. Put it under LJ-Cut.

4. No Drama. No disrespect of the mods or undermining their authority.

5. Join both the IC and OOC community and watch both.

6. You must make a beautiful post at least twice a month and at least 300 words long in response to our drabble challenges. It should have correct grammar, be correctly spelled, and so on. And don't write someone elses character for them, and don't godmode.

7. RP can happen both on AIM and through comments. We strongly encourage RP with your character... and being online and availible for RP lots and lots.

8. Three strikes rule for out of character warnings.

9. IC: sunnydale_tales, OOC: tales_ooc