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Story Update

Where Were You In the Summer of '00?

It's Wonderful to be Young.

Unless it's Sunnydale.

Except if it's the Summer.

Especially if it's at the Beach.

The hot sand. The sound of the waves crashing on the beach. The tang of beach fires and the crisp sweet taste of marsh mellows cooked over an open fire. The refreshing sugary taste of lemonade and the furtive consumption of stronger drink. The slathering on of sun block or sun tan lotion. Beach games of volleyball or surfing.

The cool nights where you can see the stars. Outdoor dinners with your friends and sitting on driftwood. The knowledge that you are a adult now but you have a summer where you can pretend that you don't have the responsibilities of adulthood.

Here's the opportunity to relax and let the summer happen.

This is to be a comedic and bittersweet community about growing up and what it is like to be alive. To both surf literally and to surf on the cusp of assuming the full responsibilities of adulthood.

In the summer of '00 the Twin Towers were still standing and Napster was still going strong.

The main story in this community is about how lives vividly intertwine with each other and influence each other in various character sub-plots.

About the choice to either reject or take certain decisions in ones life.

About men and woman, and magic.

About relaxing and having carefree fun.

About misadventures and the quest for either love or adventure.

If you need your Big Bad/Danger fix we are open to those sort of sub-plots over instant messaging... although we don't encourage that sort of thing in the main community.

We want characters that are interesting.

Being appealing, spirited, and having a terrific personality would be great too.

Bring Your Surfboard.
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